3 Signs It’s Time for a New Job


3 Signs It's Time for a New Job | CPS, Inc

In 2022, 46.6 million Americans quit their jobs. Despite signs that the economy is weakening and the job market is tighter, don’t assume that the Great Resignation is over for 2023. As we write this, some of the biggest industry names, including Amazon and Microsoft laid off staff. However, in January 2023, there were still… Read more »

4 Soft Skills Employers Look For


4 Soft Skills Employers Look For | CPS

Professional soft skills are the sort of qualifications that employers are highly interested in. They provide the foundation for success in almost any employment scenario. Soft skills include communication skills, teamwork and leadership skills, personality, conflict resolution, flexibility, and even overall likability. Soft skills are a high priority for hiring managers looking for their next… Read more »

Use LinkedIn to Network with Professionals in Your Industry 


Use LinkedIn to Network with Professionals in Your Industry | CPS

LinkedIn can be a difference-maker in your job search. The social network makes it easy to network with industry professionals. From here, you can build your professional network. And you can use this network to learn about career opportunities and land your dream job.   How you use LinkedIn can have far-flung effects on your job… Read more »