Why Your Business Should Partner with CPS 


Why Your Business Should Partner with CPS  | CPS

Your business wants top talent in every department. To achieve its goal, it needs a best-in-class staffing and recruitment partner at its side.   CPS, Inc. is a leading staffing and recruitment agency. We help companies solve their hiring challenges. And we can make it easy for your business to attract and hire top talent.  … Read more »

Use LinkedIn to Network with Professionals in Your Industry 


Use LinkedIn to Network with Professionals in Your Industry | CPS

LinkedIn can be a difference-maker in your job search. The social network makes it easy to network with industry professionals. From here, you can build your professional network. And you can use this network to learn about career opportunities and land your dream job.   How you use LinkedIn can have far-flung effects on your job… Read more »

Types of Internal Recruiting 


Types of Internal Recruiting | CPS

You want top talent on staff. To achieve your goal, you look far and wide for quality external job candidates. Yet, if you want to fill a business role, you may want to try internal recruiting.   Internal recruiting involves hiring someone from your workforce to fill a vacancy. For instance, an employee in accounting may… Read more »

Do You Recognize Your Employees’ Good Work? 


Do You Recognize Your Employees' Good Work?  | CPS

You want your workers to feel great about their jobs and your company. But, if you do not recognize your employees’ good work, it can be tough to keep your workers happy.   Recognizing your employees’ good work sets the stage for long-lasting partnerships. It shows your workers you value what they bring to your team…. Read more »

Skills to Look for in a Chemical Engineer 


Skills to Look for in a Chemical Engineer | CPS

A chemical engineer can be a difference-maker in a laboratory, refinery, or industrial plant. The best chemical engineers have comprehensive training and expertise. They usually possess several skills that allow them to perform their work with precision and care, too.   Top Skills of Chemical Engineers   Analytical Skills A chemical engineer should have no trouble analyzing… Read more »

What to Avoid Saying During an Interview 


What to Avoid Saying During an Interview | CPS

You want a job interview to go well. To achieve your goal, it helps to plan ahead for your interview. This requires you to consider how you’ll respond to some of the most common interview questions. It also involves learning what to avoid saying during an interview.   8 Things You Should Avoid Saying During an… Read more »

Create a Culture Around Remote Workers 


Create a Culture Around Remote Workers  | CPS Inc

You want your culture to resonate with all employees. However, connecting with your remote workers has been a challenge to this point. But, with the right approach, you can create a culture that helps your remote workers feel engaged. Over time, this culture can help your business keep its remote personnel happy. And it can… Read more »