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You like your job but feel now may be a good time for a career change. Before you make your career switch, you need to think ahead. This requires you to ask yourself the right questions on whether you should switch careers.  

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Switch Careers 

What Do I Want to Accomplish in My Career?

Consider your career goals and what you have accomplished thus far. If you find you have fallen short of achieving many career goals, now may be a good time to revamp them. At this point, you can make a list of goals and consider jobs that align with them. If you find your goals are far different from the ones you had even a few months ago, you may want to pursue a career change.  

Can I Build a Rewarding Career with My Current Employer?

It may be time to meet with your manager to assess your career opportunities. This gives you a chance to share your career goals with your manager. From here, you and your manager can make a plan to help you take the next step forward in your career. Conversely, if you believe you have exhausted every opportunity with your current employer, there may be no need to wait any longer to explore a new career.  

Are Your Skills Transferable?

Make a list of your hard and soft skills. Next, consider how you can use these skills in a variety of roles. For instance, employers in many industries want to hire job candidates who are great problem-solvers. Comparatively, businesses frequently seek job candidates who hold a college or university degree. If you have a wide range of skills or want to develop new ones, now may be the time to do so. Then, you can establish a broad skill set that helps you stand out to potential employers in various industries.  

What Jobs Interest You?

Take a look at jobs in multiple industries. If you find roles that pique your interest, consider what qualifications are needed for them. You can then start applying for these jobs. Or, you can take steps to improve your skillset and work toward getting the skills you need for a new career.  

What Do I Need to Do from Here?

Create a career plan, along with steps you’ll need to complete to make your career vision a reality. Track your progress as you work toward building the career of your dreams. If you encounter roadblocks along the way, learn from them and move past them immediately. As you continue to move forward, you can achieve your career goals.  

Find a Career That Suits You Perfectly 

At CPS, Inc., we help job seekers evaluate their career goals. We can meet with you to assess your skill set and find out what you want to accomplish in your career. Our team can next keep you up to date on jobs that meet your expectations. To get started, check out our job board today 

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