We’re Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary!


We’re proud to share that we recently hit a huge milestone: CPS, Inc. just reached our 50-year business anniversary! Since opening our doors in 1973, our team has worked diligently to connect the right people to the right jobs, driving success for the clients and candidates we serve. Through dramatic changes in the industry, the… Read more »

Why Your Business Should Partner with CPS 


Why Your Business Should Partner with CPS  | CPS

Your business wants top talent in every department. To achieve its goal, it needs a best-in-class staffing and recruitment partner at its side.   CPS, Inc. is a leading staffing and recruitment agency. We help companies solve their hiring challenges. And we can make it easy for your business to attract and hire top talent.  … Read more »

Skills to Look for in a Chemical Engineer 


Skills to Look for in a Chemical Engineer | CPS

A chemical engineer can be a difference-maker in a laboratory, refinery, or industrial plant. The best chemical engineers have comprehensive training and expertise. They usually possess several skills that allow them to perform their work with precision and care, too.   Top Skills of Chemical Engineers   Analytical Skills A chemical engineer should have no trouble analyzing… Read more »