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LinkedIn can be a difference-maker in your job search. The social network makes it easy to network with industry professionals. From here, you can build your professional network. And you can use this network to learn about career opportunities and land your dream job.  

How you use LinkedIn can have far-flung effects on your job search. Now, let’s look at five ways you can utilize LinkedIn to grow your professional network and take the next step forward in your career.  

How Can You Use LinkedIn to Network with Other Professionals?

Conduct a Company-Wide Search

Perform industry research to identify the top companies in your sector. Next, search the company’s name on LinkedIn. This can help you find professionals who work at the business. You can then start reaching out to these professionals and connecting with them.  

Send a Note with Every Connection Request

If you find an industry professional you want to connect with on LinkedIn, include a note with your connection request. Use your note to explain who you are and why you want to connect with a professional. Keep your note brief and personalize it to your recipient.  

Take Advantage of the “People You May Know” Section

LinkedIn provides a “People you may know” section that can include industry professionals. Review this section frequently. If you find someone in the section and want to connect with him or her, reach out.   

Join LinkedIn Groups

Look for industry groups on LinkedIn. Search industry-specific terms and phrases to find these groups. Or, see what groups professionals in your industry frequently join. Once you join a LinkedIn group, you’ll get updates on any events and discussions. Plus, you can engage with group members and further expand your professional network.  

Attend LinkedIn Events

Keep an eye out for workshops, webinars, and other industry events on LinkedIn. To view these events, go to the My Network section of your LinkedIn profile. Here, you’ll find the “Online events for you” section. As you attend LinkedIn events, you can connect with professionals across your industry. You can also network with industry contacts. 

Grow Your Career on LinkedIn 

Maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn can help you grow your professional network. It ensures you can connect with industry professionals and learn from them. Over time, you can stay up to date on industry jobs that align with your career goals and interests. If you find the right job, you can position yourself to land this role.  

Along with using LinkedIn, it helps to consider many options to move forward in your career. For instance, it can be beneficial to partner with a staffing agency. This allows you to receive expert help as you navigate your job search.  

Have You Been Using LinkedIn to Network?

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