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You want top talent on staff. To achieve your goal, you look far and wide for quality external job candidates. Yet, if you want to fill a business role, you may want to try internal recruiting.  

Internal recruiting involves hiring someone from your workforce to fill a vacancy. For instance, an employee in accounting may pursue a role in HR. In this instance, you can hire this worker to fill the HR role so he or she can grow their career in a new department. Or, an administrative assistant may apply for an office manager role. At this time, you can give the employee an opportunity to further their career as an office manager.  

What Types of Internal Recruiting Are There?

There are four types of internal recruiting: 

Internal Promotion

By promoting an employee, there’s an upward shift in responsibilities. The employee may tackle more tasks and handle a greater workload in a new role. Also, the worker can receive a new job title as part of their promotion.  


You can transfer an employee from one department or role to another. During a transfer, a worker may accept a promotion or make a lateral move. Or, a worker can embrace an opportunity to start fresh in a new entry-level role.  


There can be times when businesses restructure their operations. At these times, businesses can revamp how their departments are run and how employees are managed. This can cause employees to accept new roles, since their previous ones may no longer be available.  

Role Change

The global workplace is constantly evolving, and employee roles can change as well. Thus, if a worker’s job title no longer aligns with their responsibilities, he or she may require a role change.  

Should You Rely on Internal Recruiting? 

Sourcing talent internally can help you save time and money. It can take many months to identify superb external job candidates. Comparatively, internal recruiting lets you leverage your existing workforce to identify exceptional candidates to fill myriad roles. This also helps you lower the costs associated with recruiting talent from around the world.  

Hiring talent internally can help you boost worker satisfaction and retention, too. Employees can take solace in the fact that they have opportunities to pursue new roles across your business. Plus, they can take steps to grow their careers within your company. This can help workers feel great about their employer. And it can lead them to stay with your business long into the future.  

Recruit Talent Like Never Before 

There is a lot to like about internal recruitment, but it offers no guarantees. If you want to consistently attract top talent, use a combination of internal and external recruiting. That way, you can engage with on-staff talent and external candidates to fill vacancies.  

What Types of Recruiting Are You Using?

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