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When a candidate asks what the culture looks like at your company, what comes to mind? If you’ve struggled with hiring through the Great Resignation or generally to find the right talent to meet their needs, looking to build great corporate culture might be the best way to attract new candidates.

But a positive corporate culture is about more than a ping pong table in the break room or lavish holiday parties. It’s about the people who make your company their life’s work. Here are three elements of positive work culture to help your company attract the best and the brightest today.

What Do Candidates Want in Company Culture?

Put People First

Health and safety are the cornerstones of positive work culture. Safety is and should be recognized as everyone’s responsibility, and a culture that embraces that one will attract high-quality talent. A transparent and effective health and safety program is a critical starting point, but company culture is also a big influence. Effective corporate safety culture is one that is the product of both individual and group values, attitudes, and competencies. Establishing a company-wide commitment to a safety program helps ingrain the importance of a safe working environment is key.

To build the kind of culture that recruits for itself, encourage your entire team to take responsibility for safety in the workplace. It’s not just about them, but their coworkers as well. Safety is a lifestyle, a culture, and a responsibility. Every one of your employees should know what to do in case of an emergency. It is they who are most likely to experience and respond in such situations. They should know what to do during and after an incident occurs, how to report the accident, and how the organization will respond. Honest and reliable responses help to foster trust and a lesson-learned mentality. Empower your team to create the environment they want to work in.

Promote Work-Life Balance

A good corporate culture is one that operates well with open communication and which plainly values employee support and wellbeing. A supportive work-life balance, health, and a positive work environment are all influential aspects of a positive corporate culture. Creating a feeling of value, where employees know they are rewarded, challenged, encouraged, and given the space and resources needed to grow, will all go a long way to creating the type of work culture that not only retains key employees, but also attracts industry talent.

Transparent Management and Communication Styles

People love the jobs they have where they know their work is valued. They seek out engaging and interesting jobs and companies, and more and more, they prefer to be included in decision-making processes, and really communicated with rather than spoken to or managed. It’s your job as a manager to provide those opportunities and make adjustments to communication styles as needed to help attract and retain the sorts of employees that will bring renewed energy into your daily work. These simple adjustments help to create an engaging corporate culture and make your competitors wonder what it is you have that they don’t.

Looking for Employees?

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