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Looking to expand your career in the field of HR? There are so many great opportunities out there for HR professionals. Understanding the different roles within the industry and how those jobs align with your interests and skills is a key step in growing your career. Knowing what the high-paying jobs are is also a good way to direct your career path to success.

What Are The Highest Paying HR Jobs?

VP of Human Resources

Not surprisingly, being the Vice President of Human Resources for a company will set you up with one of the highest salary ranges in the industry. VP of HR roles oversee a range of organizational priorities, including recruitment and staffing to compliance with employment law. What sets the VP apart from other staff is the responsibility to manage the HR department. Duties include defining job descriptions, pay scales, and benefits packages and schedules. This is also the main role to which escalations are addressed and grievances are directed to. Developing a standardized performance assessment program is also something that might fall to the VP of HR. But the bottom line is that as a VP of Human Resources, companies count on you to create job satisfaction and support employees to get the work done at the end of the day.  Salaries range from $185,000 to $275,000 per year.

Organizational Change Management Consultant

An organizational change management professional is tasked with helping companies plan ways to improve their overall performance. This can include assessment of the business needs, finding ways to implement proposed strategies, and working with personnel at various levels to enable this shift. Organizational change management consultants often conduct coaching and training sessions for teams and leaders to help navigate uncertainty. They can participate in meetings with various departments, help ensure goals are met, and identify improvements in communication strategies to make sure everyone has the information they need. Salary ranges between $100,000 and $160,000 per year, and it’s a great role to make a lasting impact in HR.

VP of Talent Acquisition

Another great role within Human Resources is the Vice President of Talent Acquisition. This professional works to oversee hiring specialists within an organization. In this role, you need to make sure your team identifies, evaluates, and recruits the best potential candidates for open positions. In this role, you would develop your company’s strategy to aid the selection process, from understanding what kind of qualifications each position needs, how to identify quality candidates based on their skills and tips on interviewing effectively. As a VP of TA you will likely be required to focus on the lead generation process, including crafting detailed job descriptions, marketing each job description, and combing through a professional network to identify potential candidates. Salary for this role ranges from $135,000 to $185,000.

HR Executive

As a human resources executive, you would be part of the HR management team. Duties include recruiting employees, handling payroll operations, or overseeing employee relations. The qualifications needed to succeed in this role include a degree in human resources management or business administration, as well as excellent interpersonal skills, and significant experience working in HR. Certification may also be helpful in growing your career in this way. The salary range for this type of role is about $80,000 to $165,000 per year.

HSE Advisor

The salary range for this role runs between $60,000 and $160,000 per year. Health, Safety, and Environmental advisors create safety policies, assess workplaces for potential dangers, and advise management on ways to lower risks and prevent accidents in the workplace. As an HSE advisor, you would ensure your company complies with all relevant health and safety regulations. Duties include managing environmental issues within the workplace that may affect employee or customer health and wellness. Advisors work for a variety of companies and organizations, from public to private, government agencies to manufacturing. There’s lots of opportunity for HR professionals looking to take on exciting new opportunities.

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