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You want a job candidate to feel great about the opportunity to join your business. However, when it comes to discussing salary expectations with a candidate, things can quickly get out of control.

A job candidate may have a different idea of their expected salary in comparison to what your business can offer. Yet, if you discuss salary expectations with a candidate, you can be clear about what your company can provide. Next, you can determine if salary negotiations are possible. If so, you can keep the lines of communication open with a candidate.

Here are tips to help you discuss salary expectations with a job candidate and search for common ground with this individual.

How Do You Discuss Salary Expectations with a Job Candidate?

1. Know How Much You Can Offer Before You Start a Negotiation

Prior to discussing salary expectations with a job candidate, know how much you can offer. It often helps to conduct research on compensation for jobs similar to the one you want to fill. This gives you insights on how your company’s compensation package stacks up against industry rivals.

2. Be Honest with a Job Candidate

Tell a job candidate how much your company can compensate him or her. From here, ask the candidate if the salary associated with your job aligns with their expectations. If the candidate is comfortable with the salary, you can continue to pursue this individual. On the other hand, if the candidate has concerns about the salary, listen to them. This allows you to understand the candidate’s perspective and explore ways to bridge any gaps between this individual’s salary expectations and your business.

3. Provide Non-Cash Compensation

Let a job candidate know about any non-cash compensation your business can provide. For instance, your company can offer flexible work hours or remote work opportunities. Or, you can provide additional PTO. These perks can help your company stand out to a job candidate. And they can boost your chances of generating interest from top talent.

4. Be Ok with Walking Away

Put your best foot forward when discussing salary expectations with a job candidate. If the salary your company can offer falls short, try not to stress. At this time, ask the candidate if there is anything else you can offer. If there is nothing more you can do, take solace in the fact that you’ve done your best. Keep the candidate in mind for future job opportunities. Encourage the candidate to stay in touch, too.

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