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You want your resume to show who you are and what you can offer an employer. But to date, your resume has missed the mark with employers. However, you can fine-tune your resume. In doing so, you can ensure it impresses employers and boosts your chances of securing your dream job.

There are several things you can do to bolster your resume. These include:

1. Include an Objective

State your career goals on your resume. You should align your objective with the job that you want to land. This shows an employer you read the job description and are interested in a career that relates to the role.

2. Organize Your Employment History

Put your employment history in chronological order, with your current or most recent position first. Include details about the duties associated with each job. Add any awards or milestones relating to your jobs, too. An employer who can view your employment history can understand your career to date. The employer can then get a good idea about how the job it’s offering represents the next stage of your career growth.

3. Showcase Your Relevant Skills

Offer insights into hard and soft skills that relate to the job you want to land. Whenever possible, include statistics that show how you used your skills to help a business achieve a goal. This helps an employer see the skills you have and how you apply them to work tasks.

4. List Your Education

Include information about any degrees or certifications you have earned. Also, if you are currently enrolled in an educational program, include it on your resume. Then, an employer can find out if you have the necessary education and training to handle the responsibilities associated with a role.

5. Format Your Resume

Make sure your resume is easy to read on both a desktop computer and mobile device. Oftentimes, it helps to use short sections to organize information on your resume. Use headings and subheadings as needed. And try to avoid long blocks of information. Remember, an employer may briefly scan your resume. If your resume is well organized, it becomes more likely that your resume will impress an employer. In this instance, the employer may reach out to schedule an interview with you.

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