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You want a job interview to go well. To achieve your goal, it helps to plan ahead for your interview. This requires you to consider how you’ll respond to some of the most common interview questions. It also involves learning what to avoid saying during an interview.  

8 Things You Should Avoid Saying During an Interview 

I Have Trouble Getting Along with My Co-Workers.

Show a potential employer that you are a team player. To do so, you can provide examples of times when you helped members of a past or current work team come together to accomplish a common goal.  

I’ll Do Whatever You Ask of Me in This Role.

Set realistic expectations for what you can bring to a company. Explain what you have to offer, and a prospective employer can make an informed decision regarding your candidacy.  

I Don’t Have Much Experience for This Type of Role.

Rather than highlight your lack of experience, focus on your willingness to learn. For example, you can tell a potential employer how you recently enrolled in a class or workshop to enhance your skill set. Or, you can provide details about plans you have to expand your skill set in the near future.  

My Only Weakness Is I Have No Weaknesses.

Even the best job candidate is far from perfect. If a potential employer asks you to share your weaknesses, be honest. At the same time, offer insights into how you are taking steps to transform your weaknesses into strengths.  

I’m an Outside-the-Box Thinker.

It helps to explain to a potential employer that you’re willing to consider new ideas and a wide range of perspectives. Conversely, saying you’re an outside-the-box thinker may lead a prospective employer to believe you are unwilling to consider logical and reasonable solutions to work problems.  

I Want As Much Vacation Time As Possible in Any Role I Accept.

Most job seekers want plenty of vacation time in any role they accept. Regardless, there is no reason to bring this up during a job interview. You should instead focus on what you can bring to the table in a particular role. If a potential employer asks about your compensation package requirements, you can then share information about your expected salary, vacation, and other perks at this time.   

I Want to Get Promoted Right Away.

When you apply for a job, you must be willing to accept this position as is. If you tell a potential employer you immediately want to secure a promotion, this employer may instantly look elsewhere for a candidate to fill the role.  

I Want You to Hire Me Today.

Do not expect a same-day hiring decision. A potential employer will consider your candidacy and decide if you are the right fit for a role with their company following your interview.  

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