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You want your culture to resonate with all employees. However, connecting with your remote workers has been a challenge to this point. But, with the right approach, you can create a culture that helps your remote workers feel engaged. Over time, this culture can help your business keep its remote personnel happy. And it can lead to unparalleled success across your remote staff.  

Tips to Create a Culture Around Your Remote Workers 

 Let Your Remote Workers Build Your Culture

Find out what drives your remote staff members to give 100%. To do so, you can conduct employee questionnaires and surveys. These can give you insights into what your remote employees want to get out of your business’ culture. From here, you can work in lockstep with your remote employees to establish a work environment that meets the needs of your off-site staff.  

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Offer multiple platforms for remote workers to connect with one another. You can provide workers with access to Slack and other real-time communication platforms. Also, you can encourage workers to reach out via phone call and email if they have concerns or questions. With multiple methods to connect with each other, remote workers can get the support they need, any time they need it.  

Host Fun Activities and Events

Give your remote workers opportunities to have fun. For example, you can host a virtual trivia event that allows remote employees to play trivia, regardless of their location. Or, you can schedule virtual lunches in which remote team members come together to enjoy a meal together over video. These events allow remote personnel to connect with one another and build relationships.  

Schedule Remote Team Meetings

Set aside time for team members to come together for a meeting. During a team meeting, you can provide details about how your remote team is performing. You can encourage remote workers to share any concerns or questions as well. Team members can serve as brainstorming sessions, too. As such, remote worker brainstorming sessions can help your company discover ways to take its productivity and efficiency to the next level.  

Meet One-on-One with Remote Workers

Along with remote team meetings, it helps to schedule regular check-ins with off-site employees. A one-on-one meeting with a remote worker lets a manager and their employee discuss any concerns or questions. The meeting shows a remote worker that their manager cares about their well-being and wants to support him or her in any way possible.  

The Bottom Line on Creating a Culture Around Remote Workers 

It can take time to establish a culture around your remote workers. Regardless, it is beneficial to do so. This ensures your culture can help you fulfill remote workers’ needs. It can also help your business stand out to top job candidates in search of remote jobs.  

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