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Whether you are a student or a seasoned professional, engineering has a wealth of opportunities for you. Understanding what roles traditionally come with better salaries can help you position yourself for the moves you want to make in your career. Engineering, in general, brings incomes that are well above the national average. Engineers are skilled, educated, and in demand.  

Today’s blog will cover just a few of the highlights of a career path that takes you where you want to go in engineering.  

What Are The Highest Paying Jobs for Engineers?

Top Paying Jobs in Engineering 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2016 the median salary for all engineers was $91,010. The median salary for all engineering professions during this year was over $54,000 more than the median salary for all workers. What’s more, the highest-paying engineering jobs come with salaries over $130,000 per year. Engineers have skills and knowledge that few people possess. This makes them highly sought after and well-paid. Here are the top highest-paid engineering jobs for comparison.   

  • Petroleum Engineer (Median Salary: $137,720) 
  • Information Research Scientist (Median Salary: $122,840) 
  • Engineering Manager (Median Salary: $144,830) 
  • Computer Hardware Engineer (Median Salary: $117,220) 
  • Aerospace Engineer (Median Salary: $116,500) 
  • Nuclear Engineer (Median Salary: $116,500) 
  • Electrical Engineer (Median Salary: $108,770) 
  • Mechanical Engineer (Median Salary: $108,770) 
  • Chemical Engineer (Median Salary: $108,770) 
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineer (Median Salary: $101,250) 
  • Materials Engineer (Median Salary: $93,360) 
  • Biomedical Engineer (Median Salary: $91,410) 

Career Potential with Depth 

Careers in the field of engineering offer a wide range of challenging and rewarding jobs with excellent salaries and benefits. This variety of job opportunities also provides a path of lifelong learning and the knowledge that you are actively working to provide your community with services it needs to live up to its full potential. With that potential comes a fair number of challenges. But while some people hesitate in the face of challenges, those who are willing to learn and grow within their role can find some of the most rewarding opportunities within the entire power generation industry.  

While engineering as a field is rife with complex technical challenges, the rewards are equally weighted. As you’ll see from the list above, almost every industry depends on the skills and knowledge that engineers bring to the table. Finding opportunities where your skills are in demand and your passions are fulfilled is the perfect meeting of work and life balance.  

A Dynamic and Growing Workforce 

While in the past, engineering was considered a more male-dominated area of study and expertise, more women are joining the workforce every day. With more diversity comes greater opportunities for business impact and increasing opportunities to tackle challenging work. With that shifting perspective comes increasing demand and hotter competition among employers for the industry’s top talent. The best candidates in this field cover a broad range of disciplines. There are plentiful opportunities for engineers, technicians, skilled trade and technology workers, as well as a full range of financial, human resource, communications, training, and administration professionals that support nuclear-related companies and facilities. 

Ready to Find a Career in Engineering?

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