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With the changing of the seasons comes an opportunity for managers to reconnect with their teams around goals and morale to make sure they are properly motivated for the push toward the end of the year. Self-motivated teams are more productive and more effective on the job. But sometimes, that intrinsic morale needs a little boost. Here are several tips you can use to help give a boost to your team’s motivation to really ramp up for the end of the year.

How Can You Improve Your Employees’ Motivation at Work?

Set a Positive Tone for the Day, Everyday

Managers can do a lot to improve morale and motivation for their team. Star with a simple pep talk in the mornings. The mornings are a great time to be productive when your team is feeling motivated. Finding a way to maintain that momentum can be tough without a cheerleader. So be your team’s cheerleader! Setting the tone for productivity early in the day, your team will feel energized and ready to take on new tasks and accomplish things they’ve been putting off. Motivation and productivity is largely about mindset. If you keep your eye on the prize and don’t allow for distractions, you will be amazed at what you and your team can accomplish in a day, even when the sun is shining.

Get Real About the Work

Sometimes a lack of motivation sneaks in when we are blocked or challenged by limited time or resources. The best way to address motivational stressors are by getting direct. Show your team that you understand the challenges they are faced with when team members are out on vacation or you are otherwise understaffed. Reprioritize the work given what is and isn’t achievable. Unmet expectations can be a challenging pill to swallow, but at the end of the day – work is work. Sometimes, it can be as simple as telling your team you understand and that you also need to power through. By not overlooking the challenges that come with the season, you’ll reassure your team and remotivate them even when working conditions aren’t perfect.

Take Breaks

There is a reason lunch and coffee breaks are woven into the fabric of work life. Workers need to take a little time to recuperate before they can hit the ground running again. Make sure you encourage your team to take advantage of that downtime to stay motivated throughout the day. Allow them the time they need to recharge and refocus so that when they are back on the job, they can bring their best.

Pay Attention to Mental Health

Motivation comes from the brain, so make sure your team is brain healthy, not just body-healthy. Mental and emotional well-being are just as important as making sure your team isn’t overheated or dehydrated. You likely have felt the energy highs and lows associated with caffeine and sugar consumption. In a work environment, that extra jolt of energy can be enough to help you power through on a tough day. But drinking enough water and eating healthy food throughout the workday will keep your energy level and your mind more productive at a steady pace. If someone on your team is struggling with larger mental health challenges, enable them to get the help they need because everyone deserves to have a happy and healthy mind.

Ready to Boost Your Employees Motivation?

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