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What is it about spring? There is more daylight. We have more energy. Research says spending time outside in the spring makes you more optimistic. There are even studies showing crime drops when spring comes.

But does all this get up and go you’re feeling also signal that you should get up and be gone—from your job? Actually, yes. Here’s why spring is the best time to find a new job.

Why is Spring the Best Time to Look for Employment?

Why Spring?

We know the best time of the year, even when the economy has taken a downturn, is at the beginning of the year. Why? Because employers have approved their hiring budgets. With a New Year comes new goals, and companies need people to help them achieve what they’re working towards. Many organizations place a firing freeze toward the end of each year or even conduct layoffs—only to open new positions in the spring.

Spring is also a good time to look for a job because everyone is back from holiday vacations. There’s no waiting around on hiring managers; everyone is back on the job and ready to make decisions (including hiring you).

If you wait until May or June to look for a job, you’ll compete with new college graduates trying to find their first professional home. Instead, capitalize on the excitement of a New Year and get your resume out there. But is 2023 the right year to put your resume out there?

What to Expect from the 2023 Job Market?

While we’re still hearing about the recession that hasn’t happened yet, the job market is still surprisingly strong. Employers added 223,000 more jobs in December 2022. Unemployment dropped again. It’s at the lowest level in 50 years, even with a highly publicized round of tech layoffs at the beginning of the year.  The Motley Fool said this about the job market, “It does mean more opportunities to earn extra cash in the short term.”

So, while the economy seems a little shaky, the job market isn’t. The World Economic Forum points to three big reasons now is the right time to look for a job:

  1. There are twice as many job openings as people to fill them.
  2. The unemployment rate is lower than it’s been in 50 years.
  3. Half of the people who recently conducted a job search found employment within a month.

Ready to Find a New Job?

In the spring of 2023, jobs are waiting for you. It is a job-seekers market, which is our best argument that now is the time to look for a job. CPS is the leading job placement service specializing in matching the best job candidates with top companies around the country. Don’t wait. Check out our job placement services and see how we can help you make big changes to your career in 2023.

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