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You want quality job candidates to pursue roles across your business. To date, you have conducted an extensive search for top talent. But despite your best efforts, you continue to come up short in your talent search.

At this point, you may want to broaden your search for talent. You can seek job candidates from around the world. And you can grow your talent pool. The result: you’re better equipped than ever before to find talent that matches your expectations.

Here are three tips to expand your talent search.

How Can You Broaden Your Talent Search?

1. Use Social Media

Utilize LinkedIn and other social media platforms. You can publish job vacancies on social media websites. From here, you can engage with social media users who want to join your business.

In addition, look for talent on social media sites. For instance, you can search terms and phrases on these sites to identify job candidates to fill myriad roles. Next, you can reach out to these candidates on social media. This can help you bolster your talent pool.

2. Attend Industry Conferences and Events

Keep an eye out for industry conferences and events. You can attend these sessions or send employees to them on your company’s behalf. This can help you promote your company to industry talent. Also, you can lay the groundwork for long-term partnerships with outstanding job candidates.

Look for event partnership opportunities, too. For example, you can set up a booth at a job fair in your community. Or, you can offer to sponsor or co-host an industry event. These partnerships can help you spread the word about your company and any job vacancies.

3. Partner with a Professional Staffing Firm

Find a professional staffing firm that will dedicate the time, energy, and resources necessary to accelerate your talent search. The firm should have experienced recruiters on staff who know the ins and outs of your industry. That way, you can receive plenty of help as you search for talent.

Choose a professional staffing agency that tailors its approach to you. The best staffing agency will learn about your business and its talent search. Then, the agency can help you achieve your talent recruitment goals.

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Broaden Your Talent Search

Businesses demand talent, and the top job candidates are in high demand globally. If you broaden your talent search, your company can find the best candidates to fill roles at any time.

The sooner you broaden your talent search, the sooner you can engage with outstanding job candidates. Of course, if you need extra help with your search, CPS, Inc. can assist.

We are a professional staffing agency with more than 45 years of experience. Our recruiters make it easy to recruit talent for temporary, permanent, and temp-to-perm roles. We can also help you expand your talent base.

Our team is happy to help you throughout your talent search. For more information about our talent recruitment services, please contact us today.

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