Tips for Successful Video Interviews

June 15, 2016 mokeefe

In today's world of rapid globalization and technological revolution, remote interviewing--using mediums such as Skype--are becoming increasingly popular in the hiring process. While many believe that there is no substitution for in-person interviews, there are actually several advantages to them; below are some tips for making the most of a video interview experience. And remember, CPS, Inc. is here to partner with you in finding the perfect job or perfect candidate for your needs.

Dress for Success
One perk to video interviews is that you will probably feel a bit more comfortable in your own skin. There is certainly less emphasis on what shoes you're wearing, the hemline of your skirt, etc. Having said that, remember to dress exactly as you would for an in-person interview, which is to say, for professional success. You may be interviewing from home, but this doesn't mean you should do so in your "work from home" clothes. Suits or similar dress clothes are still the ideal wardrobe choice, even if you are interviewing while on vacation. Keep in mind that while your professional qualifications are the most important criteria for making you an ideal employee, that the way you present yourself physically will still project your level of seriousness as a candidate.

Create Your Environment
Interviewing remotely allows for increased flexibility and eliminates the need to delay or reschedule. Moreover, interviewing from a location where you feel comfortable will help you conduct your interview with confidence. Make sure that no matter where you hold the interview that you cultivate a professional space; a home office or a conference room are both excellent choices, and should be tidy, quiet, and well-lit. If you're traveling, it is completely acceptable to have the interview from a hotel room, but again, make sure that your space is clean, quiet, and bright. Ideally you should choose a location with natural lighting (as opposed to harsh fluorescent lighting) so that the interviewer can clearly see your face and expressions. And remember that regardless of where you conduct the interview, your background surroundings visible to the interviewer(s) should be as professional looking as possible, and free of visual distractions such as photographs, etc. The idea is to cultivate a neutral backdrop so that you are the central focus of the interview.

Anticipate Technological Issues
While technology allows for the convenience of interviewing anywhere, it does not always perform consistently or perfectly. Be prepared for delays, internet time-outs, etc. Prepare for the interview by doing a trial run first with whichever software and/or equipment that you are using so that you can anticipate glitches. Also, have a backup plan (such as conducting a phone interview) should your internet connection be poor.

Be Prepared and Proactive
Ultimately, all of the best practices for in-person interviews should be upheld in video interviews as well. Call or receive the call on time, speak articulately, and make direct eye contact. Make sure that you have any and all necessary items on hand before the start of the interview--pens, paper, your resume, etc.--so that you can avoid getting up during the interview if possible. And of course, make sure to thank the interviewer(s) at the end of your video call and to send a follow-up email of gratitude and interest.