Information Technology

Creating the systems your business relies on.

"If having your information systems crash is not an option, neither is hiring a mediocre IT professional. We staff the pros who will keep you up and running."

As our world increasingly relies on technology, IT professionals who can solve a problem quickly and completely are in very high demand. Companies can lose huge amounts of business if their information systems are compromised, potentially severing customer relationships or experiencing significant financial consequences. Hiring a good IT professional will not only ensure that your information systems remain secure and fully operational, but will help you operate more efficiently and save you costly headaches down the road. CPS has been staffing IT professionals since 1986, and has seen countless changes in the field. One thing hasn't changed, however: our ability to staff the best and brightest information technology specialists you can find.


  • Application Development
  • .NET/C#/VB/ASP.NET Development
  • Application Support
  • Application Architecture
  • C++ Software Engineering
  • Java Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Web Development
  • Data Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing
  • Database Administration
  • Database Analysis
  • Networking
  • Network Administration
  • Network Engineering
  • Security
  • Server Administration
  • UNIX/Linux Engineering