Accounting/ Finance

Keeping track so you stay in the black. 

"The value of having talented and experienced accounting professionals cannot be overstated. Find someone who understands the unique financial challenges posed by your industry."

When it comes to your company’s finances, there is zero margin for error. One mistake can have serious financial implications while multiple mistakes can mean disaster. Tax laws are constantly changing, accounting software continues to evolve, and every industry seems to have its own financial nuances. Needless to say, this is not the sector in which to take a gamble on a new hire.

Protect yourself by hiring from a pool of qualified professionals who have proven their worth and abilities. Since 1996, CPS has been recruiting the strongest accounting and finance professionals who have experience in a wide variety of industries.  Whether you need someone who understands the complicated financial regulatory system or the ever changing tax codes, you'll find your expert at CPS.


    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Business Analyst
    • CFO
    • Controller
    • Corporate Audit/IT Audit
    • Cost Accounting
    • Financial Analysis
    • Financial Reporting
    • Inventory & Supply Chain
    • Payroll
    • Property Accounting
    • Property Management
    • Public Accounting
    • Tax
    • Treasury

    Advertising/ PR

    Creating good impressions for great brands.

    "Great marketing starts with talented people. ad+one connects hard-to-find talent with the hottest media, public relations, creative and account job opportunities."

    Strong marketing can make all the difference in a brand's success or failure. It takes a whole team of account managers, media planners, media buyers, public relations professionals and creative talent months to plan and execute an effective campaign, but the long hours pay off when your client gains valuable market share. Since 1998, ad+one has helped the nation's leading advertising and public relations agencies find talent who know how to reach the target audience with the right message. From traditional advertising and PR to digital marketing, if your passion lies in working for industry leading agencies, moving the needle and making a difference ad+one is the place to start your search.


    • Traditional & Digital
    • Account/Brand Planning
    • Advertising Account Management
    • Media
    • Multicultural/Hispanic Market
    • Public Relations
    • Consumer
    • Financial
    • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
    • Public Affairs
    • Social Media
    • Strategy and Analytics
    • Creative
    • Creative Director
    • Copy writer
    • Art director

    Big Data

    Scaled intelligence for informed decisions.

    Decision makers today face unprecedented challenges with information's format, speed and volume. Traditional data sources and unstructured media encompassing text and other communication formats is captured in real time. Determining relevance and garnering actionable intelligence from these diverse and ever flowing fountains of data requires organizations to rapidly analyze and summarize this information.


    • Data Architect
    • Data Engineer
    • Data Miner
    • Data Mining Scientist
    • Data Modeler
    • Data Scientist
    • Data Scientist, Analytics
    • Director of Advanced Analytics
    • Director of Research
    • User Analysis Director

    Chemical Engineering

    Transforming innovation into reality.

    "We track down the best chemical engineering minds in every field so you can focus on creating innovations that will change the world."

    Chemical engineers are the behind-the-scenes force that keeps our world moving. Every product we use and every utility we take for granted has been impacted by the work of chemical engineers over many decades. As our world’s resources grow more scarce, the next generation of chemical engineers will be charged with finding more efficient and economical ways to utilize the materials and energy at hand. At CPS, we’re dedicated to helping the nation's leading innovators find and employ the brightest and most forward-thinking minds in the field. We’ve been staffing chemical engineers in every imaginable field of both process and product engineering since 1979 and are ready to help you find the perfect individuals for your needs.


    • Engineering Management
    • Environmental, Health and Safety
    • Operations Management
    • Operations/Production Engineering
    • Pilot Plant
    • Plant Engineering & Maintenance
    • Process Control & Applications
    • Process Design
    • Process Engineering
    • Product and Process Development
    • Project Engineering
    • Tech Services & Applications


      Creating a more efficient future.

      "Good engineers are worth their weight in gold. Invest in your company's future success with engineering talent through CPS."

      Behind every product we use is an engineer who spent countless hours perfecting the design. They are supported by a variety of engineers who bring products to fruition. These modern-day creators and problem solvers make our world run more efficiently with each success, and make enormous profits for the companies employing them. Since 1976, CPS has matched top talent in multiple fields of engineering with progressive companies in all industries. Whether you need eager learners fresh out of school or brilliant minds with decades of experience, CPS can engineer a solution for you.


      • Application Engineer
      • Development Engineer
      • Environmental Engineer
      • Health & Safety Engineer
      • Industrial Engineer
      • Machine Design Engineer
      • Maintenance Engineer
      • Maintenance Manager
      • Manufacturing Engineer
      • Mechanical & Electrical Product Design Engineer
      • Plant Mechanical & Electrical Project Engineer
      • Quality Engineer
      • Reliability Engineer
      • EH&S
      • Packaging Engineer
      • Program Manager
      • Test & Development Engineer

      Employee Benefits / Actuarial

      Helping hard workers build beneficial futures.

      "The best employee benefit packages come from experienced providers who staff caring and knowledgeable people. The kind of people CPS recruits."

      Good employers know that in order to attract the best employees, they have to offer a competitive and comprehensive benefits package. But all benefits packages are not created equally. Employees trust in their providers, and those providers uphold that trust by hiring talented people. Since 1981, CPS has been matching the best available talent with openings in leading employee benefit providers. The people we’ve placed have helped employees all over the country save for retirement, handle insurance claims, and rest easy knowing that smart, hardworking people are watching out for their best interests. Any search for caring staff members with experience in employee benefits should begin at CPS.


      Retirement Services



      Actuarial/Employee Benefits

      • Actuarial
      • Property & Casualty
      • Health & Welfare
      • Life & Annuity
      • Pension
      • Banking Compliance
      • AML/BSA
      • Qualified & Nonqualified Retirement Plans
      • Administrator
      • Conversion/Implementation
      • DCIO
      • ERISA Attorney
      • Operations
      • Relationship Manager
      • Group Health
      • Analyst
      • Call Center
      • Insurance
      • Account Manager
      • Case Manager
      • Claims Management
      • Sales
      • Underwriter

      Information Technology

      Creating the systems your business relies on.

      "If having your information systems crash is not an option, neither is hiring a mediocre IT professional. We staff the pros who will keep you up and running."

      As our world increasingly relies on technology, IT professionals who can solve a problem quickly and completely are in very high demand. Companies can lose huge amounts of business if their information systems are compromised, potentially severing customer relationships or experiencing significant financial consequences. Hiring a good IT professional will not only ensure that your information systems remain secure and fully operational, but will help you operate more efficiently and save you costly headaches down the road. CPS has been staffing IT professionals since 1986, and has seen countless changes in the field. One thing hasn't changed, however: our ability to staff the best and brightest information technology specialists you can find.


      • Application Development
      • .NET/C#/VB/ASP.NET Development
      • Application Support
      • Application Architecture
      • C++ Software Engineering
      • Java Development
      • Quality Assurance
      • Web Development
      • Data Management
      • Business Intelligence
      • Data Warehousing
      • Database Administration
      • Database Analysis
      • Networking
      • Network Administration
      • Network Engineering
      • Security
      • Server Administration
      • UNIX/Linux Engineering


      Synthesizing meaningful solutions on a grand scale.

      "Creating new materials and ideas takes thousands of lab hours. Find the forward-thinking minds you want in your laboratory at CPS."

      Consumer products

      The food and beverage industry is constantly evolving. Finding creative and technically skilled talent to meet the expectations of a more discriminating and demanding consumer has become highly challenging. The consumer recruiting division offers a talented search team that is highly specialized with many years of recruiting expertise. We offer technical searches for food, beverage, flavors, ingredients and nutraceuticals. We staff CPG, QSR, supplier, and food service companies. Our capabilities stretch across all areas of food and beverage manufacturing from scientist to executive.

      • Product Development
      • Research
      • Sensory
      • Nutrition
        • Culinary
        • Flavorist
        • Applications
        • Analytical
          • Regulatory
          • Quality Assurance
          • Technical Service
          • Ingredients


            Industrial products

            Every day, experts in laboratories all over the country are finding ways to create more durable, more efficient, safer and less costly materials to utilize in our everyday products. Each improvement in coatings, adhesives or polymers takes countless man hours of research and lab time. While trial and error, patience and precision are inevitable ingredients in new discoveries, the approach of the scientist doing the work makes a huge difference. Since we started in 1973, CPS has been staffing laboratories for every kind of material development. If you need capable, careful, hardworking minds for your lab, you're in the right place.

            • Product Development
            • Formulation
            • Research & Development
            • Organic and Polymer Synthesis
              • Application Chemistry
              • Technical Service
              • Process Chemistry
                • Analytical / Method Development
                • Regulatory Compliance / EH&S
                • Quality Assurance / Quality Control


                  Sales / Marketing

                  Positioning your products for success.

                  "Effective sales and marketing for our focus industries requires several skill sets. We find the people who understand your industry and know how to generate sales, market your products, and produce strategic-level success."

                  A decent salesperson can sell a product by listening to a customer’s need and explaining how the product meets it. An exceptional salesperson, on the other hand, understands the context of that need and presents a solution that opens the door for more business. The intersection of exceptional salespeople and those who understand the inner workings of your industry is small indeed, but you can find them at CPS.

                  Since 1978, we’ve been recruiting the top sales and marketing talent for several industries including petrochemical, food additives and ingredients, adhesives, instrumentation, chemical processing, capital equipment, paints and coatings, packaging, inks, plastics, water treatment, environmental, and more. If you have a need for an expert, whether it is in sales, marketing, or management, we have someone who can exceed your expectations.


                  • Brand Manager
                  • Business Development Manager
                  • Business Unit Director/Manager
                  • C- Level executives
                  • Commercial Director
                  • Global Business Director
                  • Inside Sales / Customer Service
                  • Market / Product Specialist
                  • Market Development Manager
                  • Market Manager
                  • National / International Marketing Manager
                  • National / International Sales Manager
                  • President
                  • Product Manager
                  • Program Manager
                  • Project Management Director
                  • Regional Sales Manager
                  • Sales Engineer
                  • Sales Representative
                  • Technical Sales Representative
                  • Technical Service
                  • Vice President of Sales / Marketing / Sales and Marketing

                  Supply Chain


                  All manufacturing companies must have a sophisticated supply chain in order to bring new products to life. The movement and storage of raw materials to in-process inventory to finished goods takes incredible design, planning, execution and control. Building a competitive infrastructure takes talent. CPS has been supplying that talent for decades.



                  • Supply Chain Planning
                  • Procurement
                  • Logistics
                  • Warehousing
                  • Inventory Management
                  • Distribution Management
                  • Transportation Management