Client Services

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We make efficient use of your time.

Candidates who are not properly screened are the biggest waste of clients’ valuable time. We conduct that initial screening interview for you. When CPS tells you about candidates, they have been properly screened as to work skills and personality keys for the hire. We make sure the candidate is serious about making a job change and has been screened on geographic location. Only then will you hear about any candidate.

We target our searches.

Because of our market knowledge and industry expertise we know where the talent you seek is located. We can target the companies that have people with the job skills you are seeking. Often we have contacts within those companies to direct us to the most qualified individuals. We can reach even the passive candidates and tell them about a good job opportunity.

We have the resources.

When you work with CPS, you have a team of specialized recruiters working together to fill your job opening. The combined recruiting experience in some of our divisions approaches 100 years in a specific market. We use that experience and knowledge to look in all the right places for the talent you need.

We do the selling with you.

Because you are often competing with other potential employers to attract top tier candidates, the way your job opportunity is initially sold to them is critical to the process. We spend a great deal of time with you learning about the job, your company and how to present both in the most attractive light.

We stay with you.

After the candidate accepts your offer, our work is not done. We make sure giving notice and relocation go smoothly. We stay in touch because we feel a responsibility to make each placement a success. More than two-thirds of our placements are repeat business with clients happy with their past results from CPS. Some have been clients for almost 40 years.