How to Interview Like a Pro

May 17, 2017 mokeefe

Once you have landed an interview for your dream job it is imperative that you have an excellent interview with the recruiter and/or hiring manager. The obvious interview tips always apply: be on time, bring a copy of your resume, make eye contact, etc. Additionally, here are a handful of pro tips for ensuring that you stand out as an ideal candidate.

Be ready to talk specifics
Make sure not to simply regurgitate your resume details during an in-person interview and keep in mind that while industry jargon and professional buzzwords are to be expected on your resume, they do not go over well in interviews. Avoid vague platitudes and generalizations in favor of recounting highly specific work experience and skill sets. Provide concise but concrete examples and anecdotes that demonstrate your abilities as these are much more likely to stick in your interviewers’ minds.

Showcase your work
In today’s day and age, it is critical that you have a portfolio to highlight your work (written, graphic, project-related, multimedia, etc.). A hard-copy of your portfolio is great, but definitely also provide a link to a digital version as well that can be viewed during or after the interview. You can have all of the theoretical know-how in the world, but employers ultimately want to see tangible evidence of your talent. For more information on creating an online portfolio visit Carbonmade.

Expect tests
While not the most pleasant part of the recruiting process, many companies now administer tests of some variety to their candidates. Some of the tests becoming more common are proficiency, work ethic, and personality/character tests. Proficiency tests gauge your skill level on specific subjects or tasks: math, spelling, word processing, etc., while work ethic tests predict your level of discipline and productivity. Personality and character tests--which are a bit more controversial--tend to examine your behavioral patterns and moral leanings. Do not be stressed out about tests, but answer them as straightforwardly and honestly as possible.

Provide your best references
This may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure your references are from those who are highly familiar with you and your work. It is often tempting to cite references from those with impressive titles or those who will most obviously say glowing things--but again, it is essential that your references can pay you specific and unique praise if you want to stand out as a candidate.

Emphasize action
Most interviewers will provide hypothetical professional scenarios and ask candidates how they would respond to them. When crafting your answers, make sure to emphasize specific but feasible actions you would take, and provide succinct justifications for said actions. Employers want to know not just how you will react in given situation, but why.

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